Saturday 22 Jan - 5 Rnds - Burpee to the PushUp position, 10 PushUps, Burpee out

Post results to comments - or your excuse why you didn't do it!!


  1. Hello fellow Crossfitters! Just a friendly reminder that we are holding our fundraiser at CFT tomorrow - 100% of proceeds will go to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal for the QLD Floods (authorisation # TF/11/2567). If you are interested in participating in the WOD please be there by 8:30am to register; WOD commences at 9:00am. Alternatively come along and show your support by way of a gold coin donation to the proceeding sausage sizzle. Thanks in advance for your support of this worthy cause.

  2. WOD at CF Brisbane - 12 Min AMRAP - 7 Burpees, 7 Box Jumps(24"), 7 KB Swing(24kg)
    7RNDS +3 Burpees

    Good luck to all those going to do the WOD at CF Territory today - let me know how you went!

  3. 3 mintues 18 seconds :)

  4. I did these on my knees - sorry Kel, I was pooped from PT! 2:06


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