Tuesday 7 Dec - 21-18-15-12-9 -Power Snatch (50/35), WallBall, Knees to Elbows

Nice work on the burpees today everyone. Moving large loads, long distances, quickly! It's what we do.


  1. Hey Kelly,

    I am loving the 'Meal of the Day' thing you have going on. Is this new??

    Have you stumbled across this site yet http://paleogirls.com/ it is awesome and has so many amazing recipes in there!

    Miss you all!

    PS Aaron and I have signed up and are doing our Crossfit courses in May 2011. So excited!!!!

  2. Hi Amy - yep, meal of the day is new, I was waiting for someone to mention it!!

    I will check out your link today - sounds good.

    Yay - CF certs - then come back and work at CF Darwin!!

  3. Great workout today, thanks Kel. Love it when I get personal training!
    Maybe you should start a suggestion board for songs to get for training to. We could start out by just seeing what music is out there amongst regulars before having to buy stuff.
    My first vote is for 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor (theme from Rocky 3). So Kitsch, so COOL.

  4. You see Dave that is exactly why I don't take music suggestions - I could not listen to Eye of the Tiger once, let alone 7 times a day. Lets just stick to the sweet triple j tunes that i keep regularly updated for everyones (more importantly my) listening pleasure!!

    How about I make you a deal - If 10 people post on todays comments that they want 'Eye of the Tiger' added to the CFD playlist then I will do it. However anonymous comments are not counted - they have to reveal their identity!

  5. I do not want Eye of the Tiger. Put me down as minus 1 for the tally to 10 (sorry Dave). Keep up the sweet Triple J tunes Kel!

    Amy C

  6. I 100% agree with Amy. That makes it minus 2!!

  7. C'mon Kell, Eye of the tiger is a favourite at CFT
    But when crossfitters start to box in the middle of the wod is when it has gone too far,
    or when they make raw egg post workout drinks,
    or when they where are grey sweaty tracksuit in Darwin including beanie,
    or when they start call out Adrian at the end of a wod
    Try it you never know you may like it.

    Christmas party wod at CFT this friday all are welcome 5pm and 6pm
    theme is christmas rig
    drinks and BBQ however only limited supply so if you want paleo treats you may need to BYO

  8. Hey Brendan,

    I can't be convinced on 'Eye of The Tiger' - terrible song!

    Thanks for the invite to the Christmas party. Are you doing the WOD dressed up? That will make for some cool photos!

    We need to start planning a games day for the dry season. I have some ideas - I am thinking Lake Alexander, 3 WODs, testing GPP, lots of fun! Lets do it

  9. For sure.... Now that I have time too.
    make CFT Christmas party your cheat night
    Why you ask?
    I am ordering lots of Pizza ( i have been hanging out for this for so long)
    Drinks ie pure blondes, cascade light, cruisers,,soft drink, coronas, there will be heaps of nasty nipples like Mediterranean platters, dips, and chips.
    oh yeah and some prawns.

    as for the wod it will be small but in heaps of heats(deepening on attendance)
    Partners and kids welcome and a kid safe environment


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