Wednesday 8 Dec - 3 Rnds - 5 Muscle Ups, 3 Forward Rolls, 10 Pistols (1 Legged Squats)

If you are going away for Christmas let me know the dates so I can pause your membership.


  1. Hey CFD,

    DId this one this morning (we are a day behind, so its still wednesday here, well only just). Did it in a nice and warm -8, I got it in 4:12, awesome WOD. Keep up the good work guys,.

    - Aaron G

  2. Hey Aaron - smoking time for that WOD!! I think I would rather sweat it out in the 100% humidity than deal with the cold weather that you guys are in right now!

    Keep us posted with your results.

    I check both your blogs everyday - I love hearing about what you guys are up to.

    Also some great news - your Dad is breaking parallel in his squats - you should have seen his wall ball shots the other day - perfect!

  3. Hey Kelly,

    Haha yeah I miss the heat too, funny how I used to complain about it so much.. now I am complaining about the cold ruining my gear, like my snapped skipping rope the other day haha.

    Wow, Dad is going awesome, he has come along way with his flexibility, and no doubt I am going to come home get my ass kicked by him in our morning sessions.

    Haha I miss wallballs, I used a rock instead yesterday and its not the same :)

    - Aaron G


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