Monday 6 Dec - 150 Burpees

Darwin's CrossFitters having a sneaky beer at the Ski Club before the Variety Santa Run!
Thanks to all those who came to the Christmas lunch - great crowd!!


  1. Hello from Canada!!

    Did today's workout Rx'd 14:51

    Was going for 7 rounds of 20 then 1 round of 10 but by the time I did 1 round of 20 I was screwed and changed my rounds to 10. Great workout!!

    Miss you guys!

    Amy & Aaron

  2. Hi Amy - nothing quite like 150 burpees! I'm happy you did it too, everyone who has done it so far has loved it - once they have finished them!

  3. 'Don't be a BRICKLAYER!!!'

    Just did the WOD (a fantastic one might I add!) and here's my comments as promised Kel!

    Today, I thought to myself as I 'flopped' on the ground after the WOD 'SELF, you would make the world's best bricklayer!'

    Why a bricklayer you ask?

    Well after each set, I ignored that little voice pushing me (Sorry, that was you Kel and myself too) and built a wall! Walls and walls were built and that clock kept ticking away!

    Look guys, I know I get a bit soft-hearted at times (we all do) but try and remember that 'Pain is temporary, pride is forever!' By building these walls you are only stopping yourself from achieving all you can! (And yes, you can do it!!!)

    I hope that by reading this comment that you identify when you become a 'bricklayer' and instead try to find that little 'grenade' inside of you (yes very Army and cheesy) and BLOW UP those walls with explosive energy!!!

    Don't build walls, blow them up!!! Strive for a few seconds less rest between each set, and a few more seconds off each WOD! Yes, you CAN do this!!!

    (Note: This is my first hopefully somewhat inspirational comment - I will try and get better. Feedback is always welcomed!! - Inspired by Lisbeth and Kel!!!)

  4. Well said Mel! Will definitely look for my inner ammunition from now on! Great Wod today Kel, still shocked I did it.

  5. Awesome Mel - every time I rest now I will grenade that wall I am building!!

    'inner ammunition' - quote of the day!


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