Thursday 16 Sep - Run 400m, 15 BodyWeight DeadLift, 15 PullUp, Run 400m, 15 KB Swing (32/24), 15 HandStand Push Up

 Compare to 9 Oct


  1. Hey Kelly!

    Hope you are doing well! Everything is going great here. Lots of snow!

    I have created another blog as you may have read from Aaron's that I am trying to do the Paleo diet so I had to share my recipes and how I was going!!

    Still fine tuning it but its a start!

    Talk soon,

  2. Hey Kel

    Had my first session with CF Albury/Wdnga today, great team here.

    AMRAP in 20mins. 3 Muscle up, 3 HSPU, 3 OHS 30kg, 3 Snatch 30kg, 20 DU. 3rounds + 12.


  3. Who is that sexy woman in the corner squatting ????? Oh it's Me ....


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