Thursday 25 Nov - 'Running Jackie' - Run 1k, 50 Thrusters (20/15), 30 PullUps

 'Jackie' is a benchmark WOD that starts off with a 1000m row. As we don't have rowers yet we will run instead. The 3 fastest male and female times (as rx'd) will go up on the benchmark board!
Also the CFD Christmas Lunch will be at Cornucopia Museum Cafe at 12 noon on Sunday 5th Dec - if you are planning on being there (and you all should) then let me know either on comments or over the next couple of days - thanks!


  1. As promised under comments yesterday I will now write down here anything funny, noteworthy or amazing that happens at CFD during the day. So to get this started today my favourite things were Kat smashing the WOD at the first session and setting the fastest female time for the day, Shelley beating her last time by a massive 2min, 17secs and Wakes and Shae doing the WOD in a 10kg weighted vest. Feel free to remark on these achievements or add some of your own - also let me know if you are coming to our cool Christmas lunch on the 5th??

  2. G'Day Kel,
    Put me & my wife Karen down for lunch on the 5th.
    Thanks, Dave.

  3. Hey Kel!
    I'll be at lunch.
    Amy C

  4. Hey Kel,
    Justin and I will be at lunch... so pen us in.
    Today at work I had to put stock away on a low shelf so I thought seeing as I couldn't come to CF I would practice doing one legged squats at work... all I am going to say is that it didn't end well!

  5. Chloe - did it end with you under a shelf of pharmaceutical products? Keep practicing!

  6. Hi!

    I wiah i could come but i dont think that ill fly up!

    btw i HATE thrusters!

    Cf tenacity

    Warm up
    10 squats
    10 good mornings
    10 push ups

    4 rounds



    thrusters (20 kg)

    time 13:28

    and i nearly vomited!

  7. Hi Sam - thruster and burpees are an unpleasant combination! I think you should fly back for our lunch - really!

  8. Wow, the luncheon was a great idea hey? l think we will have to booked the place out for that day.....

  9. Hi Kel,

    Im Back!! book me in for the christmas lunch too.

    See you this arvo


  10. Hi Jacinta,

    I already have you down, I knew you wouldn't miss it!!

    See you soon


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