Friday 26 November - Skills and Mobility

 So.... who's keen to run (or walk) 3k dressed as Santa? Check out the website with all the info on Darwin's first ever Variety Santa Fun Run here. It is on the same day as our Christmas Lunch - perfect, lets do it!
Also - beers after the 5:30pm session today? Don't make me drink alone!


  1. Hands down winner of today's 'magic moment' was Katrina M getting her first kipping pullup!!! Then confirming it with another 5-6reps. Further proof that with enough practice you will get there! Well done Katrina - your shout!

  2. Hey Kel, so disappointed that I missed Jackie, will have to catch up on Sunday.


  3. Hi kelly , thank you so much for all your help. have not been abel to wipe the smile of my face. its taken a while, but i didnt give up. now i can do a kipping pullup yes, yes.
    and yes as i promised my shout to ever was in the gym when it happens. so girls maybe at our sunday lunch -my shout. thank you katrina m

  4. Well done Katrina!
    I'm super keen for the santa fun run! I can't imaging running 3km in anything but a santa suit!
    Do we have to supply our own suit or is it included in the registration?
    Amy C

  5. Hey Amy, it's included - a 5 piece santa suit in fact, but you have to register now to receive in the post in time, just click on the link I posted under todays WOD. I'm excited!


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