Wednesday 24 Nov - 10 Rnds - 5 Burpee, 10 SitUp, 5 PushUp, 10 Squat

CrossFit Darwin Christmas Get Together will be Sunday 5th December for lunch.
Venue yet to be confirmed.


  1. Great workout today thanks Kelly!
    Maybe you should encourage more use of the comments on here to get feedback and discussion about WOD's & other stuff going?

  2. Hello from Canada aye!

    Did this one from the safety (and warmth) of our ground floor common room, awesome WOD with no equipment needed.

    Me - 8:44
    Amy - 10:02

    -Aaron G

  3. Dave you have inspired an idea - every night when I post the next days WOD I will start the comments off with the the most memorable event of the day, or biggest achievement - that should generate comments from others until we end up with 50 comments a day! Cool. I totally agree that everyone at CFD (and all our friends interstate and overseas) should share how their WOD was, what they have been eating, how their rest day was etc. So come on comment stalkers - get commenting!!

  4. So Aaron and Amy - do the people you share your accommodation with think you guys are insane?? I love that you are doing our WODs and I am enjoying reading your blogs very much. I can't begin to imagine how it is to feel that cold, I would just want to stay under the doona!


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