Friday 5 Nov - 5k Run

 Compare to 3 Sep and 9 Jul and 5 May
Meet me at the monument, at the Cool Spot Cafe end of East Point Road, at all of the regular Friday session times to get a 5k run time recorded.
Also Aaron's 'AnywhereFit' WOD entry got in the top three so vote for it to win
here. Great job Aaron!!


  1. Wow... my calves are sore from this mornings run, and I have blisters.. whats all that about!

  2. 5k run times - because I lost my camera so I can't do a whiteboard photo!

    Aaron - 21:32
    Shae - 22:04
    Wakes - 25:04
    Katrina. M - 25:41 (PR)
    Sam - 26:39 (only because she ran slow with me)
    Kelly - 26:41
    Dave - 27:30
    Renae - 27:30
    Shelley - 27:48
    Linda - 28:25(PR)
    Jacinta - 28:28
    Stuart - 31:24
    Tracey - 35:41
    Tanya - 38:33(PR)
    Leneice - 42:38

    Great running today guys. Well done to Katrina, Linda and Tanya for beating their last times (by alot). That is the most we have ever had turn up for 5k run day!

  3. Awesome running!! Ran on cable beach this morning and it was so good ran again tonight :-) don't know time was about 40 min but don't know the distance.Katrina graham

  4. Hey Katrina G - How good is Cable Beach! Hope you have the best time at Coral Bay and keep us posted on WOD times and whatever else you do there (maybe not everything)!


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