Tuesday 05 May - 5k Run

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We will meet at The Cool Spot Cafe at 6pm. We will all run the same course along The Fannie Bay Foreshore Track. This is a self paced run, we will all meet up again at the finish line and get our times recorded. Remember top 3 fastest male and female will be the first to get their names up on the Benchmark Wall of Fame


  1. "Two things you MUST do: remove refined carbs from your diet AND get adequate sleep"
    -Robb Wolf

    Read the rest of the post here: http://robbwolf.com/2008/01/02/sleepintermittent-fasting/


  2. Thanks Ian - now I have some night reading!

    5k Results...

    Jake - 21:50
    Ian - 22:33
    Bruce - 22:43
    Aaron - 23:10
    Kell - 26:24
    Jay - 28:43
    Katrina - 30:03
    Bev - 30:58
    Connie - 32:32
    Emma - 39:10

    Great running tonight guys, especially from those who have never run that distance before, you should be very proud!! And well done to Jake and Kell - 1st male and 1st female.

  3. Todays WOD- Workout 1 from SF 13 week training program-
    10 rounds
    5 Pullup
    10 Bench press-50kg
    10 Power Clean-40kg
    10 Push Press - 40kg
    As Rx'd 18:54


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