Thursday 28 Oct - 3 Rnds - 60 Double Under, 10 Cluster (40/30)

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  1. I was googling some ways to help sore hands from the bars, found this page it has some tips, not sure if they work or not but worth a try. The following is part of it from a gymnastics coach:

    The best things that I have found for the prevention of rips and the treatment of calluses are:

    1) Do not do too much. Athletic achievement is a long term endeavor and success rarely depends on your getting every last repetition in during that particular day's training. In fact, backing off before the condition becomes critical (a blister forms or rips), will speed up the development of callus.

    2) If rips are an issue for you, soak your hands in salt water on a regular basis (as discussed in the link I posted above) when they get sore and even before they get sore if possible. In the event of a rip, the salt water aids in healing and callus formation rather than the formation of a scap which will easily peel off during the next training session.

    3) If a rip occures, use some type of a liquid bandaid to cover the wound to recommense training. This covering will keep out infection, reduce friction and usually last long enough for you to finish your workout.

    4) Do not cover the rip. Open air is best.

    5) Do not allow the rip to become overly dry. This will lead to the rip cracking down the middle the next time that you work on it and will extend the healing time required. To avoid this, periodically during the day apply a little A&D ointment, liquid Vitamin E or even medicated chap stick will work fine. This should be done in combination with the salt water mentioned above.


  2. Great research Chloe - thanks! I think I will give the saltwater a go.

  3. No worries- clearly study for exams is going well!


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