Friday 29 Oct - 15min AMRAP - 15 SitUp, 10 Power Snatch (40/30), 5 Ring PushUp

Thanks Jacinta for finding this video
There were a few significant gains in fitness revealed during Thursdays WOD. Most impressive were Kathryn - 10kg heavier and 2:28 faster, Linda - 15kg heavier and 3:31 faster and Jacinta - 17:43 faster!!


  1. That's the best crossfit clip and song ever, makes me want to practice now! Can you please add it to our playlist Kel.

    And I soo just had the best idea ever... lets make our own awesome movie!!

    How about after Christmas, give us time to brush up on our skills and we can make a Crossfit Darwin clip, Rocky can star in it!

  2. Oh yeah, lets do that. Surely there is somebody at CFD with movie making skills??


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