Friday 3 Sep - 5k Run

 The day we have all been waiting for - 5k run day YAY!!
So just to clarify, the gym will not be open. I will be at the monument, at the Dick Ward Drive end of East Point Road, for runners to turn up at all of the regular Friday session timings. I recommend the 5:45am start to beat the heat of the day. Start and finish is the same place - run out 2.5k turn around around, run back - Easy!


  1. OMG - I never thought i would ever beable to do a pull up!! Black power band it is.......NOT ANYMORE I'm still as heavy as i was a few months ago and im now doing pullups with the purple band - OMG I am getting so much stronger thx Kel your the best trainer - u keep me going - u keep me working hard....bring on the blue!!

  2. Hi CrossFit Darwin,
    in the name of a little international challenge we have started a max Double under in 2 minutes thing just like you guys. Our first session was this morning - you can see our results at We are doing this mainly because we suck at double unders and want to get better. So what about it ? a three month challenge ? losing affiliate does 150 burpees for time ?


  3. Very proud of you Leneice. Now that you have begun the journey along the faster stronger path there will be no stopping you!! All I do is provide the time and place - the hard work is all you!

  4. James @ Iron Major CrossFit - On behalf of all the CrossFit Darwin members I wholeheartedly accept your challenge! I have to say though as a group our Double Under skills are pretty sweet so start preparing your guys for those 150 Burpees in 3 months time!

  5. Hi Kel
    Been crook with man-flu and have injured my back again somehow so no CFD until next week.Have fun on your run and check this link/pic out - looks like fun ;-)!/photo.php?pid=4000652&fbid=331731887675&id=22565487675&ref=nf


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