Sunday 11 Jul - Open Gym

The Friday 5k Gang!
I am happy to lend KettleBells & Skipping Ropes to CF Darwin members for the time I am away. You can pick up Wednesday and return Sunday 1st or Monday 2nd Aug. That way I can add Kettlebells and Double Unders to the WOD's I post over the next 2 weeks!


  1. Hey Key,
    So we (Shelley and I) attended the first ever Adventure Race held in Darwin, yesterday. WOW, what a blast!!! Was meant to be a five hour event but a few teething problems saw our team come in after nine hours... note, we were not last either... We rogained, mtb, ran, swam, built rafts, completed water rescues, kayaked... so we will see you and a CFD team next year in the 24hr? Oh, and I wore CFD single too, hope to see some good photos with it...


  2. Great work Shae and Shelley!! 9 hours - what an awesome event! Can't wait to have Team CFD entered next time. You two will be able to train us up for it. Love that you represented in a CFD singlet Shae - nice one!


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