Wednesday 09 Jun - 7 Rounds - 7 HandStands, 7 Thrusters (40/30), 7 KTE, 7 SDHP (40/30), 7 Burpee, 7 KB Swing (24/16), 7 Pull Up

KTE - Knees to Elbows, SDHP - Sumo Deadlift High Pull, KB - Kettlebell.
To see all WOD results from the whiteboard each night see the new Results page - just scroll down and look right!


  1. holy sevens! that was vicious, thanks Kelly ;)

  2. Hi Kel - please don't post any more photo's of Luke's triceps on your website...he spent the entire day looking at the photo of himself and got no work done!! Haha - kidding (sort of).

    So CFD chewed me up and spat me out. I couldn't complete the WOD. I did five complete rounds, three Rx and the remaining two with 25kg for Thrusters and Sumo and 16kg KB. 28 mins.

    Stu completed five rounds at 30kg (scaled to 25kg after three), 24kg KB (scaled to 15kg after three). 27 mins.


  3. Who the hells thinks they can do 8 sets? Stupid me...Must say l feel stronger already...
    Off to the Doc tomorrow to find where my memory went....Because l lost it after round 3 somewhere...Paula

  4. Yep, this one was tough but everyone got through the 7 sets and, as Paula said, are now stronger for it!
    Carmen - I think if you guys did your WOD's at CFD you would have busted out 7 rounds? Great to see you are doing them during lunch though - and thanks for the results on comments, i love seeing them.


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