Tuesday 08 Jun - 10 Muscle Ups, 15 Handstand PushUps, 20 Squat Cleans (70/50) Run 600m

Now that is what I mean by opening up at the top - awesome extension!


  1. Hey Kel
    What weight did everyone use tonight?
    did the blokes do 30 pull up and 30 dips instead of MU?

  2. Hi Chris - everyone did MU progressions - except Aaron, he did MU's.
    Weights varied from 30-60kg. I reckon 2/3rds of your 1RM clean is a good weight for 20 reps, that's what I did (40kg)
    How much longer do you have over there?

  3. Has Aaron got his muscle ups? Oh Oh im gunna have to try harder.
    Get back 02 Aug.

    Today - 30 pull up 30 ring dip
    15 feet held HSPU
    20 Squat clean - 6 x 70kg, 6 x 65kg, 8 x 60kg
    run 600m
    12.32. Blew out on the squat clean and lost time changing weights


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