Monday 07 Jun - 21-15-9 - Over Head Squat (60/45), Chest To Bar Pull Up

Pic courtesy of CrossFit 42 South.
Well done to all those from CrossFit Darwin who ran in the City to Surf - Kel, Jay, Shae, Luke, Paula, Gabby and Andy. Let me know how your run went on comments.


  1. Slow! I hit a wall at the 10k mark and didn't crack the hour... 1 h 5 min. I guess it is reflective of my complete lack of distance training over the past two months!

    I did try to 'pose' - worked really well at the start, but its easy to lapse into old habits.

  2. Shae said...


  3. not sure on time. Did get chaffing under my arms cause I am so bulk massive....



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