Thursday 10 Jun - 12 Minute AMRAP - 5 Front Squat (85/60), 10 Chest to Bar PullUp, 20 Double Unders

AMRAP - As Many Rounds As Possible.
Special Announcement - Connie got her first Double Under this morning!!!


  1. Hello all from Washington DC, where Ame and I have stopped on our way back to Mexico.
    Good job Connie on the DU!!
    Here is a video of what can be achieved through diligent parallette training:

    keep doing those L sits and HSPUs!

  2. Hey Ian and Ame!! We miss you guys. I will watch your link tonight - right now I am setting up racks for front squats tonight. Keep us well posted on your riding adventure, wedding and where you are going to be heading next - I vote back here!

  3. Thanks Kel!
    Its Ame's birthday today and we are doing the following:
    "Ame's 29":
    Complete for time:
    29 ring pull ups
    29 HSPU
    29 double unders
    29 pistols (alternating legs)
    29 burpees
    29 10 m cone runs
    First complete as many unbroken ring PUs as possible, then do that same number for the rest of the exercises. Continue until completing 29 for all!

  4. trained with the 2IC Today
    3 rounds
    500m row sub 1.45
    8 x thruster 45kg
    12 push up
    8 x deadlift 90kg
    12 pull up
    8 x clean 45kg
    as Rx'd 18.51


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