Sunday 27 Jun - Open Gym

The door will be open from 2-4pm. You can hang out for 10mins or the entire 2 hours - it's up to you. Do you need to practice Kipping or Overhead Squats? Do you need to do a WOD you have missed during the week? Or do you want to see if you can improve on your 1 Rep Max DeadLift? Or you could just lay under the Big Ass Fan and roll out for 20mins!


  1. Great effort from everyone on Saturdays WOD - it was a tough one! Also excellent work from the newest Crossfit Darwin Fundamental Graduates - Jess, Tom, Phil and Karena - that graduation WOD is a killer and you all did really well!! See you all next week for some constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity!!

  2. Thanks Kel, I was seriously thinking of doing sat catchup wod this arvo, BUT i thought i might eat great food all day...come over after you close up for a drinky poo..if not c u tomoz

  3. Yeserdays WOD as Rx'd 16.10. Good first workout after leave, am hurting today. Got lots of catching up to do.

    How did your no dairy go Kel?

  4. Well Chris, it lasted 9 days. All I thought about for that 9 days was how much I missed milk! So I gave in. Tomorrow I am getting some Paleo friendly raw milk - I will let you know how that goes. Great time for that WOD too. Hope you enjoyed your leave and yep, I forgot to send you a CFD Singlet (sorry!)

  5. Nah thats cool, I will grab one when I return. Yeh I don't think I could give milk up. I am sold on the whole Paleo thing tho! I was being as good as I could while deployed and didn't think it was doing much untill I went on leave and back to my old eating habits, I have never felt so sick and lethargic before, it was a big head turner! Got a little group working out over here now so I hopefully will have a few new faces to introduce when we return to Aus.


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