Tuesday 01 Jun -"Arnie" 21 TGUs - Right Arm, 50 Swings, 21 OHS - Left Arm, 50 Swings, 21 OHS - Right Arm, 50 Swings, 21 TGU's Left Arm

From the archives Kel demonstrates a text book Turkish Get Up (TGU)
An OHS is an Over Head Squat, only this time it is with a Kettle Bell, not the Bar.
Turkish Get Up ? What the hell ?


  1. Hey Kel
    Whats a sub for the 50 x front squat at 60kg? I have a 24kg kettlebell and was thinking 50 x right arm 50 x left arm front squats with the same 10 Double unders when the KB hits the ground

  2. Hi Chris. I am thinking a 24kg KB is a little light for front squats, you probably won't need to put it on the ground may I suggest overhead instead?

  3. Yeh i thought that to. I might do the CFT WOD from yesterday - I have a box, a chin bar and 2 x 24kg KB for the chest to overhead. I will save the front squat for tomorrow when im back at butterworth and in the gym. Good luck with Arnie today, I loved this one, it really showed up lots of weaknesses.

  4. Originally I was thinking of doing "Nutts" but remembered that we 'fail at the margin of our experiences' (Glassman)so went for Arnie - did it this morning and died at the scene..

  5. What weight did you use?

  6. I only have four words for "Arnie". Oh My God. Yes - that's three words, but the fourth word starts with F and may be too crass for CFD.

    Of course YOU would love this one Chris...

    So we did Arnie with 8kg KB because that's all we had at work - even though the main site had 2 pood - but it was still hard work!

    Wilko - 13:43
    Phil - 15:01
    Carmen - 12:58
    Cazz - 14:31
    Luke - provided TGU demo, but will see you tonight!

  7. Thats an awsome time Carmen! Im egarly awaiting the results from the box.

    Today - 5 rounds
    50 box jump
    10 KTE
    10 shoulder to overhead using 2 x 16 kg Kettlebells
    as Rx'd 19.54

  8. Results are up from tonight Chris. The site now has new page on the right hand side, just scroll down and there is an album of results from the whiteboard!

  9. yesterday = jelly legs

    today = jelly arms

    Can't wait for tomorrow,might have a jelly belly!

    Jay & Kel


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