Monday 31 May - 50 Front Squats 60/45 - A 10 Double Under Penalty Every Time The Bar Touches The Ground

Eva T with a text book Front Squat!


  1. Pearse here, commenting all the way from NZ... Nice work at the open ;) I like the site. Go hard, I'll make sure to have a look at what you're up to most days. Catch you round.

  2. Hi Pearse, it was great catching up again. Thanks for driving all that way to support us!

  3. Hello!

    Wilko - 30kg - 3:15 (Wilko's first CF sess, did it way too more nice weights for him!)
    Carmen - 30kg - 5:02
    Was keen to try 45kg, but couldn't do it!

    Stu did his first Fran today: 30kg/red band - 5:92 (he nearly passed out, the Silly Sausage).

  4. awesome wod jelly legs !!
    RXD 10:34

  5. Cant remember what our times were... totally agree with the jelly legs Aaron....

    Welcome back Connie good to see you back in the box

    Jay & Kel

  6. ;) Tks its nice to be back - see ya'll tomorrow

  7. Welcome to CrossFit Wilko and welcome to "Fran" Stu! Hi Carmen.

    Great effort on the 60kg tonight Aaron - it was a tough one!


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