Sunday 30 May - CrossFit Darwin Rest Day

mmm they look good enough to eat, a shame they aren't Paleo... now go and rest or read the CrossFit Journal before I give you a WOD to do. Or if you did not feel the Tabata love yesterday then you are to today!


  1. We did the tabata today. Slightly altered as we didn't want to get mugged in the ghetto.
    Replaced run with 4min of skipping.

    Jay = 288 exercises
    Kel = 293 exercises

    The dogs joined in again!!! Sit ups with a 20kg plus dog sitting on your chest..... Not so fun!

  2. Hi Kel
    The guys hated me after this morning, there is a great hill just down the road from camp, its steep and just happens to be 400m long so we went down and up this for our 400m run, didn't get scores for myself, was to busy pushing the others.
    P.m. tried the main site WOd from yesterday, used 1 pood instead of 2, I now realise that I am nowhere near as fit as I should be, it left me a bent and broken man, my shoulders are destroyed. Was good to get through it tho. time - no idea, was just happy to finish it.

  3. Great work Jay, Kel and Chris, that was a tough one.

    2 WOD's a day Chris, are you mad??


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