Friday 21 May - CrossFit Darwin Rest Day

It has been a big week at CrossFit Darwin - a lot of sore legs out there! Use tomorrow to rest, roll and recover.


  1. Hey Kel, Whats this death by 10m cone run?

  2. Hi Chris J,
    get two cones, place them 10 metres apart. In minute one run between them once, in minute two run twice and so on and so forth until you die. 16 minutes (laps) is a very good result.

  3. Haha! I was wondering too. Sounds awesome, in a painful kinda way...

  4. Couldn't post my Annie time 'till now:
    14.18 rx'd (5 minutes LONGER than last time!!!)
    The amazing thing about CrossFit is it will ALWAYS reveal your weaknesses if you follow the programming. I thought I was making great progress, which in some senses is true, but I lost the little double under ability I had cultivated before!
    Lesson is:
    Do not neglect any aspect of your training!


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