Wednesday 16 March - WOD: 5 Rounds - 6 Devils Press, 36 Double Unders

Skills WOD: HSPU, Pistol Squat, Ring Dip

THATS A WRAP!! The 3 weeks of Worldwide Open Workout are done. If you made it through to the next round in your age group or region, it's really going to heat up for you! CFD just wants to give a massive thank you for everyone who got around it, judged, gave it there all and even surprised themselves with incredible achievements and PB's!!
Some amazing statistics from the leaderboard: CFD had 12 countries represented throughout our members.  Paul, 35th and Daniela 18th in Peru. Princess, 29th in Philippines. Valentina, 75th in Italy in her age group. Petra, 87th in Czech Republic. Ingrid, 86th in Colombia. Chandi, 16th and Udam 26th in Sri Lanka. Fede, 29th in Venezuela in his age group. Sapta, 40th in Indonesia. Lan, 9131th in France. Will, 222nd in Ireland.

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