Sunday 5 Apr - Rest Day

Goal Board from 2010. Should CFD 2020 have a goal board?
There is a very limited amount of equipment still at the gym that can be loaned out. I will be putting a list on our Facebook page for people to secure that stuff via comments. 
From Monday there will be a 6am, 10am and 5pm zoom session Monday - Friday. 
Saturday zoom sessions are 8:30am and 4pm.
All zoom sessions are free, whether you are a member of CFD or not. Just use the link or ID number posted on the website each night to join in. 
Starting tonight Ros will be doing a Facebook live video every night for the CFD WOD. It will be an explanation and demonstration of movements just like a regular coached session at the gym. There will be opportunity to ask questions in comments. If you don’t have access to our FB page request it or email me.
Keep moving everyone, for your health and sanity. 

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