Monday 7 Dec - EMOM - 6 Min - Odd - 3 Wall Climb, Max Jumping Squat, Even - Rest. EMOM - 6 Min - Odd - 2 Rope Climb, Max Burpee, Even - Rest. EMOM - 6 Min - Odd - 40m Farmers Carry, Max 2x KettleBell Deadlift (32/24) Even - Rest. EMOM - 6 Min - Odd - 10m Plate Push, Max Plate Ground To OverHead (15/10)EMOM - 6 Min - Odd - 50 Double Under, Max SitUp, Even - Rest

NTWA finished off the competition year at NTIS last weekend. There was a great showing from CFD, both on the platform and in the crowd. Nice work! Next comp will be Sunday 24th January at CrossFit Top End. If you would like to lift let one of the coaches know so we can give you some more information on becoming a weightlifter.

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