Friday 30 Oct - 4 Rnds - 1 Min 10m Sprint, 1 Min Rest. 4 Rnds - 1 Min Double Unders, 1 Min Rest. 4 Rnds - 1 Min Cals (2 Rnds Bike, 2 Rnds Row), 1 Min Rest

Skills WOD - 3 Rnd - 1 Min MuscleUp. 1 Min - HandStand Walking. 1 Min Rope Climb
It's on again, the CFD  lifestyle challenge! 
Each day you receive anywhere from 0-5 points. 1 point for no alcohol, 1 point for no added sugar, 1 point for 30 mins of mobility, 1 point for the WOD and 1 point for fish oil. 
For those who want to sign up there will be a test WOD on Monday and a retest on the last day of the month.
We have an extensive nutrition guide to answer all food questions that will be at CFD for you to read. 

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