Wednesday 5 Dec - The 'Galagher & McDonald' - 2 Rnds - 200m Run, 16 KettleBell Swing (24/16), 16 PullUp, 16 Front Squat (50/30), 200m Run, 14 KettleBell Swing, 14 PullUp, 14 Front Squat, 200m Run, 12 KettleBell Swing, 12 PullUp, 12 Front Squat

This is WOD 2 for The Australian Hero Games week. We raised over $100 on Saturday during 'Wood' for The Commando Welfare Trust. The donation tin will be out again for this one. All donations are very much appreciated for this annual event. 
Lance Corporal Mervyn McDonald, 30, and Private Nathanael Galagher, 23, were killed when their helicopter crashed in Helmand province in Afghanistan.

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