Friday 16 Mar - Open Games WOD #4 - 12 Min AMRAP - 150 Wall Ball, 90 Double Under, 30 MuscleUp

The prescribed weight for the Wall Ball is 20lbs/14lbs. 20lbs is 9kg, we have 20lb med-balls. 14lbs is 6.35kg so 6kg is too light, we don't have 7kg med-balls so it will be 8kg wall balls for the ladies.
The target is 10ft for guys, same as normal but 9ft for girls - so 1ft higher than we normally throw to - but the ball is 2kg lighter so it's actually easier!
Once again it's a WOD where everyone can get a score on the board - you only need to get the ball to hit that target once.


  1. Good luck on this one everyone, but as for females Rx'ing, perhaps tape 300g of some sort to a 6kg ball?? 150 reps at 1.7kg higher, is a fair difference?

  2. Hi Rhys. It's okay, we have just received an email from The Australian Regional Games Director giving approval for the ladies to use a 6kg med ball. All those who have already done it using the 8kg have until Monday morning to repeat if they want to…...We have 2x 6kg med balls ready to go!


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