Wednesday 16 Nov - Barbell Complex - 7 Rounds - 5 DeadLift, 5 Hang Power Clean, 5 Push Press, 5 Back Squat - Rest 1 min between rounds

 10 Burpee penalty if you put the bar down during a round. Weight of the bar is up to you, it can be increased or decreased each round during the 1min rest. Score is the total weight lifted for all 7 rounds.


  1. This one looks like fun! I may give it a crack tomorrow!
    Soul Rebel CF WOD today.
    Strict Pull ups, (Yellow)
    Strict Ring Dips, (Yellow)
    Strict TTB. (Knee Raises)
    For quality, not time!
    then 100 hollow rocks.

    This one was a good one and deceivingly challenging!
    Hope that you are all well, can't wait till I get back!

  2. 1 Round 40 kg , 3 x50 kg , 3 x 60 kg , 250 mgr Row after each Round


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