Monday 15 Aug - 'Chelsea' - On the minute, every minute for 30 mins - 5 PullUps, 10 PushUps, 15 Squats

There is no 8am session today or tomorrow


  1. Hi Kell hope you had great weekend. We did most projects are done. Back to training today.

    Delight- 23 sets, failed 7 sets-- purple band pull up and band assisted push up

    Gary 25 sets, failed 5 sets.

    Looking forward for tomorrow.

  2. Hey Crew!

    Chelsea (no pull-up bar, so strict PU off a beam) - 30min Rx'd
    Then 2min Max Double Unders - 202

    Man those last 10 rounds of chelsea are a killer, glad I finally ticked it off the list though.



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