Wednesday 30 Mar - Run 800m, 21 Clean and Jerk (50/35), Run 600m, 15 Clean and Jerk, Run 400m, 9 Clean and Jerk

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  1. Hey Kel!

    Hows everything going at CFD? Excited for the move?

    Aaron and I did the CF Open Workout last week. Your result was awesome! Aaron got 5rds +30DU +8 snatches and I got 4rds.

    We have 2wks left at our ski resort before our road trip through the states. We are visiting CF boxes in Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We plan on visiting lots more once Aaron's folks head home too. Very excited. We also got in touch with Michael and will be catching up with him in Santa Cruz as well.

    Talk soon!


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