Tuesday 15 Feb - 21 DeadLift (100/70), 400m Run, 18 DeadLift, 400m Run, 15 DeadLift, 400m Run, 12 DeadLift, 400m Run

LIFT - 4x2 Front Squat
CrossFit Darwin held it's first ever 'On Ramp' session today and it was a huge success!! It's the way we teach CrossFit to new members now, instead of by just going through the fundamentals. It means they will spend longer in a learning environment before joining in with the normal group session. Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm John will take the regular crew and I take the new guys for 'On Ramp'.


  1. Here is a story of a huge increase in fitness - Leneice started at CFD about 9 months ago. Started on the black band for pullups - that's the widest band. Tonight she did 4 pullups (kipping) in the orange band (second thinnest) - so proud of you Leneice - and your WOD tonight rocked- 4x 60kg cleans and non stop running for the 800m. Imagine where you will be in another 9 months!!

  2. If anyone is wondering CFD is still open for all sessions this afternoon - if we do get a cyclone and we get stuck there are plenty of beers in the fridge - we will be fine!

  3. Tough workout... 15:09 w/90kg

    Good luck with the cyclone training..


  4. Hi Damien

    Yep, a tough one, deadlifts and running is a great combo.

    The few of us that made it to the gym did the run in strong winds and pouring rain - it was fun!

  5. Yea Leneice! Congrats and keep it up!

    Its good to know you guys are well stocked in the event of a Cyclone. stay safe!

  6. Michael! My favourite Californian. Great to hear from you. We survived the cyclone! It was just a little one. Hope you are good and planning your next trip back here!

  7. Just a little one?!?! I read you got 640mm of rain in 72 hours. My home town got 600mm in 2010!!! Sounds like a big one to me. I am well and totally up for a return trip!


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