Saturday 26 Feb - AbMat SitUps (1 point), Knees to Elbows (1 point), Burpee (2 points), 10m shuttle Runs (2 points), Dumbell PushPress 15/10 (3 points), PullUp (3 points), Squat Cleans 50/35 (4 points), Rope Climb (4 points)

 You will choose 5 movements from the list above, each of which are prescribed a point value per rep. You will choose one movement to do for 5 mins then another to do for 4 mins, another for 3 mins, another for 2 mins and the final for 1min.  Like FGB, there is no rest between movements. As soon as the first 5 minutes are over, you move immediately into your next movement.
You will choose which movement you do for what amount of time. 

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  1. Great effort from Jacinta at Fridays WOD doing the Rx'd weight for the power cleans - 45 reps @ 40kg - HEAVY!! Also to Annie for doing the WOD twice - and going heavier and faster the second time!!


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