Thursday 27 Jan - Rnd 1 - In 2 minutes Run 200m then max Tyre Jumps. Rnd 2 - In 2 minutes Run 200m then max Burpees. Rnd 3 - In 2 minutes Run 200m then max KB Swing (16/12). Rnd 4 - In 2 minutes Run 200m then max SitUps. Rnd 5 - In 2 minutes Run 200m then max Tyre Jumps

 2 minute rest between rounds
Total number of Tyre Jumps, Burpees, Kettlebell Swings and SitUps is score
CFD is closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday - I am off to NZ for a CF Endurance Course. This is the last time I will close - promise!!!


  1. *Breaking News* - Annie can now do Tyre Jumps as rx'd! From 1 bumper plate a few months ago to a 50cm (20") Tyre today! Thanks to some encouragement from Marnie and lots of persistence!! Nice work Annie - whats next on the goal list???

  2. Hi Kel,

    Carmen: 115 (26/14/24/27/24)
    Sarah: 108 (28/16/19/23/22)

  3. Thanks Kelly. And Marnie too for standing in the line of fire - or middle of the tyre as it were!
    Had a stupid smile on my face most of yesterday.
    Next goal????? Those pesky handstand things!


  4. happy with my results of the last workout.120. i have to do more next time. woo hoo bring it on

  5. Hi Kel,

    Subbed push-ups for the KB swings. Did it down at the Nightcliff foreshore at 4pm today.
    Amy C 100
    Ed 162
    Jane (housemate and CF virgin) about 70.
    Good fun!


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