Wednesday 29 Dec - 'Nicole' - 20 Min AMRAP - 400m Run, Max PullUps

 Total number of PullUps is score


  1. Hey Crossfitters,

    We didnt have a pull-up bar, so made up these WODs instead..

    AMRAP in 20min of:
    200m Run, uphill
    10x Cluster with 15kg wood block
    Score- 6rnds + 100m of run

    AMRAP in 20min of:
    200m Run, uphill
    9x Cluster with 38kg AquaBag
    6x Strict Pull-up off roof beam
    Score- 5rnds + 200m Run and 4 clusters

    We had a pretty warm day today (-3) so good arvo for a WOD.

    -Aaron G

  2. Hey Aaron n Amy,

    Will post my vid of my first MU as soon as Im back in Darwin. And got a Slug AB for xmas n loving it!!!


  3. Hey Shae,

    Nice work on the MU mate, cant wait to see the vid.

    The aquabags are awesome hey, so hard with the water sloshing around!

    Aaron G


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