Tuesday 21 Dec - 'DT' - 5 Rnds - 12 DeadLift(70/50), 9 Hang Power Clean(70/50), 6 PushJerk(70/50)

 Instead of making huge, unrealistic New Year Resolutions how about taking some Lisbeth advice instead - simple changes


  1. Hey Kel!

    Its amazing what you can find yourself doing when you dont have any weights! ... Miss my oly bar :(

    Today I did a stair workout using 2 flights of stairs. So 2 floors.. I think I have that right...

    4x stair sprints @ 75%
    2x one step at a time
    2x bounding step (as many stairs at a time - I did 2)
    2x Frog Jumps (both legs at same time up 2 at a time)
    2x Hopping (1 set for each leg hopping up 1 step at a time)
    4x sprints

    Time- 7:00

    I probably woke all the staff up hehe!


  2. Hey Kelly, Been doing some good WOD's here in the cold Ghan. Did Murph 2 days ago, Nick - 46min RX but no 10kg vest, Bruce50:18 Rx but same no vest. As we dont have a 10kg ball we sub the 150wallballs for 150 tyre flips. Thats a workout worth tryimg. takes about 9 mins but a good workout.
    Have a good xmas Bruce.

  3. Hey Amy - really cool WOD - we were talking about it at the 6:30 session this morning!

    Hi Bruce - great to hear from you, I love that you and Nick did a 'Murph' and 150 tyre flips sounds punishing!!

  4. just did this one this morning... bit of a forearm blaster.. could only do 50kg at 12:15 mins...


  5. I know exactly what you mean re forearms Damien!!


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