Thursday 23 Dec - '7's' -7 Rnds - 7 HandStand PushUp, 7 Thruster(40/30), 7 Knees To Elbows, 7 One Arm DeadLift(40/30), 7 Burpee, 7 KB Swing(24/16), 7 PullUp

Compare to 9 Jun and 14 Sep
 I will be posting 'Park WOD's' for the next few days to get you through the period that CFD is closed! If you don't like what I post you may find some inspiration here at CF Tallahassee . They post an 'off site' WOD every day for those who are on the road, workout from home or just can't make it in that day - how nice are they!!


  1. Hey Kel,

    I made my first MU yesterday!!! Have sent you the vid for proof, I actually did 7!


  2. OMG Shae that is AWESOME! I am so jealous! Share the video! I want to see too!!!!!!


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