Saturday 1 Jan - Park WOD

 Happy New Year everyone!!
Practice - Handstands
WOD - 400m Walking Lunge - The ultimate hang over cure!!
Alternate WOD - Go for a Bike Ride - Lee Point, Fannie Bay, Charles Darwin NP, or just explore around where you live.


  1. Hey guys,

    I tried another reader challenge on Blair's AnywhereFit blog ( This time you had to make a creative WOD with Pull-ups. Not sure if this one will make it to the comp, I was a day late with the submission, but if you want check out the vid here - Thanks to CFD for teaching me the good old Cluster!

    -Aaron G

  2. Nice work Aaron. Love the view from your wood/wod shed. The best part was how you scale the wall to get up on the beam - and that the camera froze to death!


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