Wednesday 3 Nov - 5 Rnds - 3 MuscleUp, 7 HandStand PushUp, 10 Burpee PullUp

 Friday's WOD will be a 5k run along Fannie Bay Foreshore. CrossFit Darwin will not be open that day. I will be at the monument, at the Dick Ward Drive end of East Point Road, for runners to turn up at all of the regular Friday session timings.


  1. Bring Friday on... hope your running to Kel.


  2. Hi Kel,

    Luke - 11.01
    Me - 14.23

    40kg/30kg Thrusters instead of muscle ups and just plain burpees for me - I can't reach the pull up beam, it's ridiculous. I have asked for a new one to be built...

    ..and I chipped my front tooth doing the thrusters - what a loser.

  3. HI Carmen & Luke - I once chipped my tooth doing thrusters too, I have got my head out of the way ever since!


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