Wednesday 1 Dec - 5 Rnds - 1 Rope Ascent, 15 Back Squat (40/30), 20m Farmers Carry (30/20)

Everyone's times from yesterdays running WOD for each distance.
Don't forget to bring long socks for the rope climbing!


  1. Miss u crazy shits......

    Cant believe the xmas party is while im still away??? What happened to when i come back huh??

    Cant wait to come back, my first session at CFA in Newy tomorrow, have just repaired my ass after Annie on the concrete in Mt Isa lol, all good now...

    C u all soon

  2. Hi Leneice - we miss you too, especially the 7pm gang!
    Sorry we had to have the xmas party early to get most people before they go away on holidays - we will have a little party just for you when you get back!
    Let us know all about your Newcastle WOD - you can scare them with your 125kg deadlift!!

  3. Oops, slept through my alarm. See you Friday.


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