Thursday 18 Nov - 3 Rnds - 20 Thruster, 30 SitUp

Aaron and Amy (pictured) have left Darwin to check out the rest of the world, beginning in Canada. It is very sad to see them go and they will be missed by all the 6:30am regulars. However they both have blogs that we can follow - so check them out JollyRoger Training and Amy & Aaron adventures


  1. Cf tenaity

    Warm up
    20 sec of each
    good morning
    kettle bell (8kg)
    push ups
    sit ups
    3 Rounds

    9 pull ups (blue)
    12 burpees

    time 5:59

  2. Miss you guys! It is bloody freezing here.. -27 degrees the other day!

    We have a gym on the mountain, it is about 1/6 the size of yours Kel and with a lot less weights! But there is one oly bar which is good. We are heading there this afternoon to do your Saturday WOD so we will let you know how we go!

    Amy & Aaron


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