Tuesday 17 Aug - 3 Rnds - 30 Wall Ball (8ft/10ft), 30 Squat Snatch (35/25)

I declare Tuesdays 'Max Double Unders in 2 Minutes Day'. We will do this every Tuesday as part of the Warm Up. There will be a Leader Board to keep it interesting!


  1. Hey Kel, further to our convo this morning, I thought i'd google it. This is the best answer I came up with:

    How many eggs can a chicken lay per day?

    One a day or one every other day

    More info:
    The actual time it takes for a hen to make an egg and lay it is 24 to 26 hours. Then the hen rests about 30 minutes or so before starting to make another one. In addition to resting about 1/2 hour each time an egg is laid, some hens rest about every 3 to 5 days and others rest about every 10 days. Some hens hardly rest at all. The resting times increase the total time to lay an egg.
    All that said with the various resting times a hen lays about 5 eggs a week or 260 eggs a year.


  2. Eggcellent research Shelley!!

    You could have your own column on the CF Darwin website researching and answering similar questions!!

  3. I think I am a little bit scared of this workout... I may mouse out...


  4. Hey all,
    We finally made it to the NZ, Its bloody cold!!
    Have been on the look out for a cross fit here, but every one we ask just looks at us weird. We thought we would b e brave and go for a run around the camp and check things out. Very bad mistake, we lasted 10mins before the cold got the better of us..

    If we cant find one soon will try and follow the box work outs

    Jay & Kel in NZ

  5. Damien - good to see being scared didn't stop you! It wasn't so bad was it?

    HI Jay and Kel in NZ - thanks for the update!! I am sure it is cold - i am guessing you are still wearing your CFD singlets but under 4 layers of fleece and down jackets!. CrossFit Mana on Linton Camp has a Facebook Page - maybe you can get some more info on where they hide out from that?? My friend, that knows them, has emailed them to say you are there now so hopefully they will find you soon! Keep us posted.

  6. E-mailed Donna yesterday and she has given us a contact... Will check it out tomorrow and let you know what its like...
    It was that cold today that Kel & I did the work out in the common room...( I beat Kel he he he)


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