Tuesday 27 July - Closed

Practice - Turkish Get Ups
WOD - 100 PushUps, 100 SitUps, 100 Double Unders, 100 SquatsChris Spealler - 3rd overall male, CF Games 2010.
Rope climbing, 1 legged squat and double under were some of the weaknesses revealed by athletes who were favourites to finish top 3 at these games - work your weaknesses! Be prepared for anything to come out of the hopper


  1. Hi Kel. 16:31. Not strict - conducted in gps of 25. Skip - no DU, 300 normal.

    Cya soon :)

  2. 12.28 RX'd legs still a bit sore.

  3. Darwin Half Marathon results on:


    Go Crossfit Darwin teams! YAY ;-)

  4. So proud of all you guys!! Great results! So are all the 'ring ins' who represented in CFD shirts going to come in next week and see what this CrossFit thing is all about?? I hope so.

  5. 19 minutes for this workout - no du 33 skip


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