Sunday 04 July - Open Gym

Jen doing a CF WOD, on holidays, in The Maldives, in a CFD Singlet - Nice!!
Open Gym is from 2-4pm. Come in for any amount of time within that 2 hours.
Great efforts from Tom, Rich and Kel doing 'Nancy' as prescribed (as Rx'd).


  1. hey Kel

    Are you getting another shipment of equip in soon? I would like to get my hands on a weight vest. I can order one off the internet but freight kills us in Darwin.
    Thanks for the modified WODs. My kettlebells are getting smashed over here.

  2. Hi Chris. I will be hitting 'submit' on the next big order Mon 2nd Aug. I get everything from Gym Direct. They don't have weight vests but 'Good Buddy' do and they are in the same street as Gym Direct. The Gym Direct people just go down and get what I want from Good Buddy and put it all on the pallet at cost price. If you don't like the weight vests from Good Buddy have a look at other distributors in Sydney, on the net, and I will ask Gym Direct to source them for us.
    The same goes for all CrossFit Darwin members - if you want any equipment ie kettlebells, Olympic bars etc let me know before Aug 2nd. The website I get the equipment from is


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