Friday 23 Jul - Closed

Practice - Double Unders
WOD - 10 Rounds - 10 Push Ups, 10 KettleBell Swing, 10 SitUps
I am staying with the owners of CrossFit East Sacramento and training at their gym every day. This photo is the results from my (not so) heavy presses. This is my weakness. I post the results because it makes me accountable to myself and might help others to do the same. The weights are in pounds !


  1. Today at CF East Sacramento - "Annie" - 8:55, then Push Press (in pounds) 55/80/85/88 then another WOD 25-20-15 - Burpee, Clean and Press(25pound dumbbells) and Cross Chop(25pound dumbbell) - 16:21

    Are all the marathon runners excited?? There should be a brief on Saturday where you will find Paul and the CFD Marathon singlets - you can also register at the brief if you have not already done so. I registered the teams of all the people who signed the paperwork before I left. Check the ABC Darwin Half Marathon Website for all the information.

  2. Kelly, Who am i doing the half marathon with. I cant remember or know who it is?


  3. Hi Guys'n'Gals.
    I have the (dreadfully bright) CFD Marathon Singlets for the runners and will bring them to briefing at Lake Alexander Car Park at 1630 h (4.30pm civvy speak) on Saturday 24 Jul 2010 and at Race Start on Sunday. I will issue them out on a first come first served basis as we only have 16 [8 Med & 8 Sml].
    My mobile number is 0415552517 so people can call me on Sat at Brief/Sun at Race start to co-ordinate teams/collect singlets etc.
    Bruce, your team partner is 'Tree' my friend Chris' wife - call me & I'll give you Chris' mobile okay.
    Connie & Paula - you guys are running with my wife Aletia and her friend Diane.
    Jake your in a team with myself & my friends Clive & Andy.
    I'm not sure about the other 4 person team (Kel organised that one) or the individual CFD runners but call me or find me for singlets ok.
    See you then - should be fun ;-)

  4. Thanks Paul - you're awesome. I just emailed yourself and Bruce but you can both disregard it - you have it covered. The shirts are 'dreadfully bright' on purpose - haha, I won't be there to wear one - just kidding - I wanted you all to stand out!! The other team of 4 is Katrina C, Jen, Shelley and Kerry - they all know they need to register at the brief. I only ordered 16 because there were a few last minute runners - but Paul's first in will work well. Good luck everyone - will be thinking of you all!!


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