Wednesday 30 Jun - 5 Rnds - 40m Barbell Over Head Walk (60/40), 30 Wall Balls (10kg), 40m Farmers Carry (40/28)

Was great to have Mike and Tom from the US Navy call in and WOD with the 5pm group today.
'The Fun is in the Community' - Greg Glassman.


  1. Chris - for this one you will either have to find something heavy that you can clean and press then walk with it overhead for 40m or use your KB's. Farmers carry is with KB's so you are sorted there (we are going to have a different weight KB in each hand)and for the wall ball substitute if you do not have a med ball use KB's or DB's and do Thrusters.
    One of the CFD chicks - Jay - kipped all 100 Pull Ups on 'Angie' tonight - I'm so proud!!

  2. 100 kipping pullups is awsome! Has she been doing it long? It must be great to see people start getting fitter and stronger because of what you do.
    Im sorted with the object to lift overhead, Ive told Caitlin hodges that I need to borrow her tonight, she doesnt know what for yet.....

  3. That's hilarious - Caitlin will be perfect - train odd objects - not saying she is odd... you know what I mean!
    Yes, seeing people get stronger, faster, fitter, happier and more confident in their ability to achieve great things is pretty awesome to be a part of.


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