Saturday 08 May 10 - Weekend WOD's

If you are having WOD withdrawals over the weekend here are two workouts to keep you occupied.
1. 4 Rnds for time, 50 squats, run 400m.
2. For time: 21-15-9 Handstand Pushups and Burpees. If you can't do Handstand Push Ups then scale to 2 second Handstand Against The Wall Holds or do Normal Push Ups.

If none of the above appeals then do some foam rolling, take out a subscription to the CrossFit Journal and drink lots of water!


  1. 21-15-9,
    Kel= 5.24mins
    Jay= 5.56mins
    This was made a little harder by the licks in the face by the two dogs and them trying to jump on our backs during the Burpees

  2. Great times you two! I loved that the dogs joined in.

  3. workout 1. 4 Rnds for time, 50 Squats, run 400m.
    Time: 15:17
    Troy timed me ;)

  4. Nice one Connie - that is a hard one, all legs!!


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