Wednesday 28 Apr - 30 HandStand Push Ups, 40 Pull Ups, 50 KettleBell Swings, 60 Sit Ups, 70 Burpees

Almost Paul!!


  1. well if its vomit you want to see WATCH OUT tomorrow!! this is gonna be CRAZY ;)
    - CONNIE

  2. I can't wait for this one - a little bit of everything!

  3. Close to 'pukie the clown' but not quite this time :-/
    Tough session that one!!!

  4. Hey Kel, sorry for the stuff around with Katrina and the fundamentals, they had me working back till 9pm getting ready for RCB. Katrina is still keen and I have roped in another chick as well, I will get Trina to get in contact with you. C you all in 3 months

  5. Hi Chris, I totally understand, I know all about pre deployment work hours! Have fun over there and post all your WOD results to comments so we can try and beat your times back here!
    Katrina - email me and we will work out a fundamentals time that suits you.

  6. Mad results..

    Ian - 18:29 rx'd
    Jay - 15:41
    Rich - 18:02
    Bruce - 19:20
    Paul - 19:51
    Connie - 19:51
    Kell - 19:59
    Emma - 21:40
    Ame - 6:03 (20 reps of each)

  7. We need to work more on flexibility like these chicks in this link (it's ok it's very tasteful LOL):


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