Thursday 22 Apr - "Helen" - 3 Rnds - 400m Run, 21 KB Swing, 12 Pull Up

I am getting CF Darwin T Shirts and Singlets designed tomorrow - What colours do you guys want them to be? I was thinking white with black writing so they stand out but I am open to suggestions. Let me know by clicking on the comments tab below.


  1. i think as long as the shirt/singlet has red and a stripe or two it will benefit us because we all know they make things go faster!

  2. Young fella's. Always in a hurry.

  3. White with black sounds good, that or light grey with black writing, might hide the sweat and tears a bit better

  4. yay I worked it out..

    PS I now have jelly arms to go with my jelly legs:)

  5. Yay! Hi Jay, welcome to the world of comments - warning, it is addictive!

    'Helen' (also addictive?)

    Bruce - 10:18 20kg
    Jay - 11:15 16kg, blue band
    Kell - 11:59 16kg, blue band
    Carmen - 12:07 16kg, purple band
    Connie - 13:28 12kg, purple band

  6. As Anonymous ;) I think that the grey with white stripe sounds awesome - Connie


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